Zinc about it for a moment

What I find crazy is just how much the body depends on such a minute amount of something in order to function. Take zinc for example, a trace nutrient that the body only requires a tiny amount of and yet it’s impact on the body is incredible. I’d really only ever known zinc to boost... Continue Reading →

Fancy a bite of clay?

Iron deficiency is ranked the world’s #1 nutrient deficiency. What does this have to do with eating clay? Keep reading, it will all make sense soon 😉 Why is iron so important? A significant function of iron is growth, most notably required in the early stages of life, from foetal growth through to adolescence. It... Continue Reading →

The sexy Vitamin, Vitamin A

Until tonight, I didn't know that Vitamin A plays a role in reproduction. That’s right, for men it helps develop sperm, and for woman it supports normal development of the baby during pregnancy. I've got your attention now! Vitamin A is also handy for a few other reasons too. It helps us to see (yes,... Continue Reading →

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me on my journey in the study of nutrition! The purpose of my blog is simple, to share the information I learn in hopes that it might help others. I'm a mother of two small children, and although I've always done well to keep myself healthy, being responsible for the health of... Continue Reading →

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