Zinc about it for a moment

What I find crazy is just how much the body depends on such a minute amount of something in order to function. Take zinc for example, a trace nutrient that the body only requires a tiny amount of and yet it’s impact on the body is incredible. I’d really only ever known zinc to boost... Continue Reading →

Fancy a bite of clay?

Iron deficiency is ranked the world’s #1 nutrient deficiency. What does this have to do with eating clay? Keep reading, it will all make sense soon 😉 Why is iron so important? A significant function of iron is growth, most notably required in the early stages of life, from foetal growth through to adolescence. It... Continue Reading →

Is good bacteria really good?

Well if it stops the body from bleeding to death, I’d say most definitely! I’m continuing to be amazed at how important vitamins are for the body. Take vitamin K for example; did you know that without it our blood wouldn’t clot? That’s right, this awesome vitamin is essential in activating several proteins that stop... Continue Reading →

Please don’t take my sunshine away

Our sun is where 80% of the body’s vitamin D comes from. Just five to 10 minutes in the midday sun most days of the week helps the body to maintain sufficient vitamin D nutrition. The time of exposure also depends on the colour tone of your skin, for e.g. light skin tones require more... Continue Reading →

The sexy Vitamin, Vitamin A

Until tonight, I didn't know that Vitamin A plays a role in reproduction. That’s right, for men it helps develop sperm, and for woman it supports normal development of the baby during pregnancy. I've got your attention now! Vitamin A is also handy for a few other reasons too. It helps us to see (yes,... Continue Reading →

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